Rules of The Shelter

For the safety and dignity of all our guests, volunteers and other users of the venues made available for use by BWS, it is important that the following rules are understood and observed at all times in and around those venues at all times.

In addition to the “don’ts” (below) guests should be aware that once an invitation to the Shelter has been accepted, they will be expected to be take up their place at the designated venues on at least five nights of the calendar week (Sunday to Saturday) otherwise their place may be offered to another prospective guest.

They will also be required to sign in to the Shelter by 8.15pm and (unless exercising their right to leave the Shelter) then remain on site until doors are opened again at 6.00am the following morning.

Failure to observe these rules will result in a warning and any serious incident, refusal to submit to a bag search or second warning will incur a permanent ban from Bexley Winter Shelter.

No Anti-Social Behaviour or Offensive Language

Anyone using violent, aggressive or disruptive behaviour or language will not be allowed into the shelter even if they have been booked in.

No Illegal Drugs

Use or possession of Illegal drugs in or around the shelter will result in permanent ban. We cannot take responsibility for any prescribed drugs during your stay at the shelter.

No Alcohol

BWS is not a wet shelter. You may not consume alcohol in or immediately outside the shelter. Please do not arrive at the shelter drunk or with alcohol on you. Even unopened containers of alcohol will not be allowed on the premises.

No Smoking Inside the Shelter

Guests will be able to have a cigarette in a smoking area outside the shelter.

No Weapons of any Kind

Anything considered by shelter staff to be a weapon will not be permitted in the shelter. Possession of weapons will result in a permanent ban from the shelter.