Helping Bexley's Homeless Men

Covid-19 Update

In line with government guidance, Bexley Winter Shelter will not be permitted to operate in 2021 in the same way it has in each of the previous years since it started and as described elsewhere on this website. Due to social distancing measures, dormitory style shelters are not suitable and in the absence of suitable self-contained rooms to offer to our guests, we are exploring other ways in which we can continue to support the Borough’s rough sleepers. All the indications seem to be that as the economic impact of Covid-19 bites, the numbers of homeless will escalate and, with that in mind, we are trying to identify other means of accommodating them but this is likely to require generous outside support in terms of suitable properties and / or the means to finance them.

When we have something to report, we will provide an update but in the meantime, we know that we will continue to need willing volunteers to assist in a covid-safe environment although we cannot at this stage offer any detail about the form that assistance will take. If you have volunteered before or are keen to do so for the first time, please do email the address shown on the ‘Volunteers’ page and we will keep you posted regarding opportunities to give your practical support.

About Bexley Winter Shelter

A group of churches in the London Borough of Bexley  come together each winter to provide overnight accommodation, hot meals, help and support. At this stage, the Shelter’s resources and available venues limit us to making spaces available only to homeless men who, often through no fault of their own, find themselves sleeping rough on the streets and roads of the borough during the months of January to March.

Started in 2016, Bexley Winter Shelter is a registered charity and operates nightly from seven venues in the Borough which open their doors and provide refreshments and a hot evening meal. Comfortable bedding is provided in a safe, warm and secure environment followed by a cooked breakfast and something for our guests to take with them when they leave for the day.

How The Shelter is Organised

Each shelter is run by volunteers and finances are accumulated through the very generous gifts and grants from individuals, churches and other organisations. The running of the shelter is overseen and organised by a steering committee and a group of Trustees.

We also work alongside Housing Justice, a national organisation  which has provided practical and financial support. We have a comprehensive range of policies covering all aspects of running such a project and engaging with volunteers and guests as well as the appropriate insurance cover.

Do You Need Somewhere to Stay?

Bexley Winter Shelter is not a “drop-in” centre and anyone wishing to access the venues is required to attend an assessment. This ensures that the guest is likely to be happy at the venues and that Bexley Winter Shelter is able to meet a guest’s needs. 

If you are male, homeless and would welcome a warm bed, friendly faces and a hot evening meal please do call or use the contact form to arrange a short assessment.

Please be Aware

If Invited to Stay, You Will be Required to Sign up to and Observe the Rules of The Shelter. Click on Icon above for the Shelter Rules.

To Arrange Your Assessment

Please Use the Contact Form Below